Additional Upgrades

Gas Can Holder

Adjustable gas can holder mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Designed to accept a wide variety of Jerry cans.

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Tire Holder

Easy to install. Convenient spare tire holder mounts to rear  of vehicle. Accepts both 24” (610 mm) and 25” (635 mm)  ARGO tires.

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ARGO Accessories Convenience Helicopter Kit

Helicopter Kit

Axle mounted D-ring at 4 corners, quick release point for helicopter sling connection.

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Universal Mounting System

Quick change universal mount . The sub frame holds up to  750 lb. (340 kg); bolts directly to main chassis offering a secure structure for third party equipment.

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ARGO Accessories Convenience Power Winch

Warn ProVantage Winch

For vehicle recovery or to raise and lower snow plow blade. 3,500 lb. (1,588 kg) capacity, reversing with free wheeling feature. Comes with 40’ (12 m) cable with  30’ (9 m) nylon strap.

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Rear Receiver Winch/Accessory

Rear Receiver Winch Accessory 
Mounts directly to the rear receiver hitch, extending the versatility of your winch. Includes front to rear wire harness and quick disconnect cables.

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Outboard Motor Bracket

This one-piece bracket mounts to the bumper and rear receiver hitch bracket. Mounting location is slightly off-center and accepts an outboard motor of up to 9.9 HP for increased propulsion in water.

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ARGO Accessories Convenience Snow Plow

Snow Plow

81” (2 m) wide steel blade features multi-angle positions. Attaches to front bearing extension housings. 
A snowplow will maximize the utilization of your ARGO.  Requires the power winch...

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8-Wheel Trailer (Amphibious)

Up to 1,400 lb. (635 kg) load capacity.  Complete with 24” (610 mm) or 
25” (635 mm) tires. Lincoln Electric Welder sold separately

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ARGO Accessories Convenience 4 Wheel Trailer

4-Wheel Trailer (Amphibious)

Up to 600 lb. (275 kg) load capacity in a black
6-wheel lower body with ARGO axles and wheels. Complete with 24” (610 mm) or 25” (635 mm) tires.  Available for all models.

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Catwalk Mudflaps

6.25” (160 mm) steel platform runs the full length of the vehicle. Includes a 10” (255 mm) mud flap. Available for Conquest Series only.      

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Flatbed Deck

Bolts directly to the main chassis with secondary supports by the upper frame. Provides a large flat area for cargo and equipment transportation. Includes 4 tie down points and a hatch for easy access to lower...

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